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Metal Roofing

4 Reasons Metal Roofing is Trending in Westchester

Metal roofing has historically been seen most on farm homes and commercial projects. More recently, it’s become an increasingly popular choice for residential homes all across America, including Westchester.

Here, we lay out the benefits of choosing a metal roof–so you can decide if this trend is right for your home!

Why has metal roofing become so popular?

Re-siding and re-roofing your home is a major exterior project that delivers practical and aesthetic benefits and opportunities. It is not something you want to have to redo because you didn’t get the colors right; finding the perfect exterior house color combination is not rocket science, but it is worth some consideration.

1. Metal Roofing is environmentally friendly (and saves you money)

One of the main reasons people have been switching to metal roofing material is because it’s been highly praised for being environmentally friendly. Not only is metal roofing usually made up of at least 25% recycled materials, but it can also be recycled after removal. Unlike the unsustainable and problematic deposal of traditional asphalt shingles, this leads to less waste in our landfills. Around 13 million tons of asphalt roofing is removed each year. According to LBM Journal, only about 10% is reused for paving, while around 12 million tons are sent to landfills yearly.

Additionally, metal roofs “significantly reduce energy consumption due to high reflectivity and thermal emittance,” making them a more energy-efficient material than others. Not only will this help reduce your carbon footprint in heating or cooling your home, but it will also save you money.

2. Metal roofs have a long life

While traditional asphalt roofing material has a life expectancy of 15-20 years, metal roofs can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, as noted by State Farm. Yes, metal roofing material is more expensive than asphalt, but you’re sure to see your money’s worth when you won’t likely have to replace it again in your lifetime.

3. Metal roofing is very durable

Upon proper installation, metal roofs are tough against strong winds, corrosion, and damages like cracks and dents. They require less maintenance than traditional roofs but should be inspected periodically.

4. Metal roofs are attractive

Not only is metal roofing extremely durable, it also comes in a variety of colors and materials. It arguably looks better than traditional roofing–and comes with a longer lifespan! Read more about the metal roofing for your home and the benefits!

The Takeaway

Metal roofs have proven to be more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, durable, and attractive than other traditional roofing materials.
For whatever reason you’ve decided to invest in a metal roof, Giant Siding and Windows is here for you! Contact us today to discuss your project.