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GIANT had its start 3 decades ago when my father and grandfather sold aluminum siding door-to-door throughout Westchester County.

James Hardie

What my dad and grandfather taught me was the importance of the customers relationship with the company. Growing up in White Plains, I learned the trade firsthand. In the service industry, you live or die by the level of service you provide. I quickly learned that customer service and craftsmanship are two critical components of business success.

I took my craft and turned it into an art; one that is both inspiring and rewarding. I have dedicated my professional life to serving my customers with the perfect products paired with optimum installation that both serve functionality and beauty. My greatest business pleasure is knowing that my company will install every window, each layer of siding and every sheet of roofing to the highest standard possible. 

Each one of my special GIANT Siding, Windows and Roofing teams has been installing roofs, siding and windows for me for over ten years.

The highly skilled expertise of my team and GIANT Siding and Window’s dedication to excellence in all we do means you can trust us to deliver unparalleled service with unbeatable quality products.

James Hardie 2016