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Andersen Windows & Door Replacement

At GIANT we are not partial to one brand of replacement door over another and do all we can to ensure that each client gets the right door for them. There are many stand-out door replacement brands on the market and without question ‘Andersen is one of them.

Andersen crafts and designs windows and doors that are a true reflection of the self-expressive people who put them in their homes.’

The possibilities are wide open

Whether you’re looking for new front doors, a set of patio doors or moving glass walls, this is your opportunity to create an inviting environment that brings out your home’s character.

Big Doors

Big Doors

What: Epic moving glass walls that fold, slide or pivot

Where: Often used for panoramic views and bringing the outside in

Fun Fact: More than just a door, it’s up to 60 ft. of pure wonder

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Screen Doors & Storm Doors

Screen Doors & Storm Doors

What: The extra door or screen for entryway weather protection

Where: Sits in front of your front or back door

Fun Fact: Lets the air and light in, keeps the bugs out

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Entry Doors

Entry Doors

What: The front door and the first impression

Where: The entrance of your home, of course!

Fun Fact: Adds curb appeal and character to any home

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Gliding Patio Doors

Gliding Patio Doors

What: The one that slides open

Where: Perfect when you don’t have space for a hinged patio door

Fun Fact: Slides left or right, opening to the great outdoors

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French & Hinged Patio

French & Hinged Patio

What: The door that swings open

Where: Great for patios, decks and even side entrances

Fun Fact: It can swing in or out, either way you’ll get outside!

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All Doors

All Door

Builders, contractors and realtors agree: Andersen is America’s most loved brand of windows and doors.

Realtors and homeowners estimate that Andersen® products increase the value of a home by at least 10%.4

Andersen Windows and Door Replacement

Door Installation & Replacement

Our years in the Westchester County door replacement and installation business have taught us it pays to use only the best products on the market. Andersen doors are a high-quality brand that offers lots of door styles, types, and style options.

At GIANT Siding and Windows,
we are not a company with a narrow view, we understand that certain brands are better in certain situations and will always ensure our customers get the right door for their home, business, or property.

Door Replacement

When shopping for new doors, we tell customers to think about use patterns and functionality. How and when will you use this doorway and for what? Only then should you consider materials, efficiency, and design.

With so many door styles out there you want to make sure you get the right door for your intended use. Often more than one door style is a good fit.

Westchester NY Door Replacement & Installation

Deciding on the door that’s right for your home and project is just the beginning.

If you’re interested in replacing your home’s doors but you’re not sure where to start, not to worry.  Are you looking to replace one or many doors? Are they all the same style or are some, patio doors, entryway doors, storm doors, or replacement doors?


Andersen designs and manufacturers, a wide range of Sliding Glass Doors, Hinged Patio Doors & French Doors