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westchester window contractorOur company has been providing window installation and window replacement services to home and business owners in Ardsley Ny and throughout Westchester County since our founding.

Quality: modern windows add style, comfort and cost savings to the homes they adorn.

I have lived and worked in Westchester County my entire life, back when I was young, my father taught me great construction starts with great products.

Before I add any manufacturer’s line to GIANT’s offering I do my homework. I took years looking for a window to call my own – one that would meet and exceed the needs of Westchester homeowners and I’ve got it! I am proud to call the Marvin window GIANT’s window of choice.

Perfect for Ardsley home’s the windows we carry work well on home styles popular in the area like Colonial homes, split-level ranches and bi-level ranches like many that adorn the neighborhoods along Ashford Avenue and Heatherdale Rd.

Marvin windows offer exactly what homeowners are looking for in a window system; energy efficiency packaged in a shell of beauty and toughness.

Here in Westchester, our windows take a beating from the weather. In the winter Marvin, windows will help reduce your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. In the summer they will keep more of your air-conditioned air in, and the warm muggy air out.

Choosing the right window for your Ardsley home is a big decision.

Not only are windows literally your view to the outside world but they are also one part of your house that can help save the world! Sounds dramatic but really – energy-efficient windows are good for our planet.

The benefits of having a quality home window system are countless. From managing sun reflection to their ease of operation, and of course, how they enhance the aesthetics of your homes’ interior and exterior.

Westchester County NY window replacement

Add to this their essential engineering role and responsibilities related to your home’s physical functionality, and you’ll see why we have studied windows as an art and science.

Our windows are Built to Perform® in the face of Mother Nature’s toughest elements. The Ultrex pultruded fiberglass that goes into every Marvin window and door remains stable in extreme temperatures and expands at nearly the same rate as glass, resulting in windows that are strong and true. Fiberglass windows have a 38% longer* useful life expectancy than vinyl.


 GIANT Siding and Windows installation team has the experience and knowledge to get your new windows installed quickly, and with the precision, GIANT prides itself on. Click here to see a selection of window treatments and styles.

We guarantee you will get the right window for your home renovation or window replacement project. Like the other industry-leading products we use, our windows, Marvin Replacement windows are of the finest quality.

window contractor westchester county nyThe windows we use are energy efficient and aesthetically attractive. Marvin window line offers a variety of options that can enhance the look of both traditional and contemporary design.

Choose from the double-hung, sliding casement, round tops and awning windows, bay and bow windows, as well as garden windows, sliding patio doors, and a wide range of architectural shapes/sizes, including color options, screen options, and custom designs.

No matter what your style or budget, we have the expertise and brand knowledge to work with you through the selection and design phase, ensuring your complete satisfaction upon installation.

Ardsley NY Window Installation

Here is why I believe Marvin Fiberglass Replacement Windows & Patio Doors are the best value on the market today! Why fiberglass windows?

Our Marvin windows are durable, one square inch of their state-of-the-art building material can support 34,000 lbs. That’s more than the weight of TWO monster trucks.

These high impact-rated windows can stand up to wayward baseballs as well as Westchester County’s freezing winters and hot New York summers.

Why fiberglass windows?


Each window and door is made with Ultrex, pultruded-fiberglass frames. They are literally STRONG AS STEEL and 8X STRONGER THAN VINYL


Marvin windows are available in an attractive real pine wood interior or sleek, smooth-fiberglass. They are available in an attractive real pine wood interior or sleek, smooth-fiberglass.


They come with a durable acrylic exterior coating that won’t lose its luster!

For over 30 years our success has been based on this simple philosophy:

  • Treat every customer like family!
  • Never use a salesman!
  • Always provide reliable, dependable service!
  • Exceed each customer’s expectation!
  • Go green! We are ecologically responsible to our planet and community!

GIANT Siding and Windows is a locally owned and operated family business. From our first meeting on, you will always deal directly with me, Perry Hayes, owner/operator and Westchester County resident.

We have never and will never use subcontractors!

All of our window installation crews are made up of members of our Westchester and Fairfield County communities. Our teams are in-house and have been with us for over ten years each, ensuring our customers receive consistent expert-level service!

When it comes to a job like a window installation knowing the area and community makes a difference. We all know Ardsley sits along the Hudson Rivers sheltered by Dobbs Ferry but being local we know that the wine that rips up the Hudson Valley spares no town in our area and the wind hat howls in the winter do so from the Hudsons shores clear to McDowell Nature Center and Preserve and point further east still.

Ardsley is a great town to call home! Fantastic local schools LET’S GO PANTHERS! The area is also home to one of the Hudson Valleys’ most charming downtowns and exciting restaurant scenes in the Westchester County area not to mention the homes with their varied architectural styles that make the neighborhoods in the area so fun to stroll through.