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What are Bay And Bow Windows?

A bay window has a few parts and is often used to add dimension to a room. They are commonly comprised of a larger center window with two narrow windows on either side. The small, thinner windows are installed at an angle, which causes the bay to project out beyond the exterior wall.

A bow window also projects beyond the exterior wall. However, bow windows are typically made of four or more similarly-sized windows, which creates a curved rather than angular effect. As a result, bow windows require more space than bays.


Both bay and bow windows can be created by building individual rough openings into the wall to accommodate standard-sized windows. They could be mulled (connected) together at the factory and then shipped and installed as one large unit. Bow windows are similar to bay windows but instead of a harsh angle, they have a gentle curve, a subtler appeal than a bay window.

Bay and Bow Windows Westchester NYBay and bow windows are popular because they can open up a room, introduce an interesting point of natural light, and provide three-dimensional views. They can also serve as a cozy reading nook with bonus storage built under the seat, perfect for our long Westchester winter nights.

  • Bay windows are made up of multiple windows in a row, traditionally a larger picture window flanked on either side by smaller windows at an angle.
  • Bay windows classically create a small nook, open up a wall for a better view or simply add an interesting element to a room.

Bay & Bow WindowsReplacement Bay & Bow Windows

  • Bay windows are made up of three windows—one large picture window with two smaller casements or double-hung windows on either side framing the center window, with the two side windows angled at 25 or 45 degrees.

    • On a modern house, bay windows create a small bump-out from home in a square, hexagonal, or octagonal shape.
  • Bow windows combine four to six casement windows at a 10-degree angle to form a rounded shape.

    • Bow windows are most popular on older Victorian-style houses; bow windows can be used to create a turret effect on the corner of a home complete with wide-angle views. We have installed several with views of the water, mountains, and in the farmlands of Northern Westchester. 

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