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Black Window Frames – Bold & on Trend

black window frames westchester ny

In recent years, many homeowners in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield CT have been opting to pair black window frames with a white or light home exterior. 

One alluring thing about these frames is that they make a statement and can help drive a design accent or element forward, working for both your home’s interior or exterior. In this blog post, we have taken a step back and examine several reasons why local homeowners have not only chosen to go with black window frames, but why so many homeowners love them.

Black Window Frames – Create Contrast

Black window frames are a bold accent point and can be used to underscore other aesthetics details of your home (inside or out). 

The black window frame creates a sense of modern cool and timeless intrigue; a sense of ready dynamism is transferred, especially when paired with white cabinets, oven hoods, countertops, or walls. 

Besides, black window frames are stylistically versatile since they are perfect for installation in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Black Window Frames – Generate Artful Views

Since black window frames make a bold statement, you won’t necessarily need shades, curtains, or blinds. 

Therefore, you get to sidestep what is otherwise a costly investment. You can install black window frames on a home or building of any color. Black window frames naturally provide a contrast to your view outside. There is a reason most picture frames are black or dark in color. 

Window Treatments – Only if You want them…

Black steel windows were originally installed in warehouses and factories. Then they started to make their way to the mainstream and today are a staple of modern residential properties.

Black Windows Don’t Require Window Treatments 

With black window frames, you don’t have to undertake heavy window treatments to enhance the aesthetics of the windows and your rooms. They are timeless and help you to create a seamless connection with our outdoor space.

Designers and homeowners love black window frames for their stunning effect, there is no question, like a dark-rimmed picture frame, black window frames highlight the beauty they surround. 

Of course, window treatment options abound; we have found; most homeowners looking for the minimalist vibe and industrial-chic black windows afford; tend to choose to go without window treatment dressings. 

Your home’s architectural style will help decide the direction you go in for window treatments. But a black frame is a great place to start, especially for homeowners looking to pursue a minimalist style. 

At GIANT Siding and Windows, we understand the importance of window systems, from their aesthetics to their functionality. Choosing the right windows for your home is critical; windows affect everything from your home’s energy efficiency to your home’s luminance on down to insulation. 

We are proud to offer our fellow Westchester County homeowners the full line of Marvin windows, Christine Marvin, director of corporate strategy at Marvin Windows and Doors recently explained, …Marvins, “new Designer Black finish joins the Matte Black hardware collection to offer a statement-making option for windows and doors that instantly add dimension and contrast to any space.” We agree, we also love the way homes look with mixed window treatments. Maybe black is right for your den but not your kitchen..mix it up. The options are endless. 

Marvin Windows & Doors 

Black window frames are no longer merely a trend. They are now widely available due to their versatility. At Giant Siding and Windows, we offer a wide range of durable black window frames with superior finishes.

We understand that windows are the eyes of your home. Therefore, we’ve ensured that our product line positively impacts everything about your home, be its energy efficiency or luminance. Contact us today for your free consultation or estimate.

As bold as it is sophisticated, Marvin’s Designer Black finish offers elegance with an edge. This new window finish is ideal for contemporary design, or for homeowners looking for a strong statement.

GIANT has recently taken some of our customer support offerings online, providing Westchester & Fairfield County homeowners looking to learn more about black windows or any of our window replacement offerings a contact-less first meeting. 

We are all working through these changes in daily life together, we hope you will not hesitate to reach out to learn more about our company, our window replacement services or how we can better serve you, our friends and Neighbors.