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Asphalt shingles remain the most popular roofing material choice due to their affordability and versatile aesthetics. Their wide color palette outshines their competition, giving you the opportunity to personalize your home’s looks while complementing its architectural style with the perfect hue. 

Choosing classic shades for your roof shingles ensures they will never look “dated.” While there are trendy color schemes for exteriors, a roof replacement installed correctly and maintained well should last between 20 and 30 years (long after today’s trends are out of style). 

Read on and discover classic roofing hues you’ll love for years to come. 

Bring Out the Best in Your Home’s Style with a Timeless Roofing Color 

Colors that give a classic feel, bring a sense of calm, and work with your surroundings rather than against them all have a timeless element that offers enduring satisfaction with your roofing selection. 

Navy, gray, forest green, almond, and creamy yellow are hues that stand the test of time and are great options to consider for your exterior color palette. Here are additional hues you may want to put in the mix as you weigh the best options for your property: 

Traditional Style 

Black and gray roof shingles look fabulous on traditional homes—particularly if they are painted white. This classic look never goes out of style and will give your house a crisp, eye-catching aesthetic. 

Rustic Exterior

Brown and red roof shingles look ideal with the earth tones that adorn rustic homes such as natural stone, brick, or beige siding.  

Neutral Siding

If your exterior consists of a neutral hue like taupe, timeless roof shingles colors like beige, brown, or gray with gold undertones will bring out the best in your home’s looks. Neutral, lighter-colored roof shingles also provide a sense of balance for a darker, neutral-colored house. 


Get timeless beauty by combining your brick home with green roof shingles, delivering a traditional look with just the right amount of personality that you’re sure to love for years.

Stone Exterior 

If your house is covered with natural stone or Versetta stone, complement it with gorgeous blue roof shingles, and create stunning curb appeal your friends will rave about. 

How to Choose Your Roof Shingle Color

1. Express your style

Your roof replacement gives you the perfect opportunity to express yourself. This “blank canvas” awaits your creativity and personality. Discover your options, and once you’ve done your “due diligence” to find the best color for your roofing, be willing to move forward with confidence. 

2. Create a vision (or mood) board

There are a variety of elements that accompany your roof shingles to make up your home’s exterior palette. Find a way to represent the various features of your house on a vision board so you can see how different roofing hues work with your exterior. Include elements like:

– The color of your siding

– Your front door’s hue

– The shade of your shutters

– Your trim color

– Fixed landscaping elements

– The color of your window frames

– Natural siding elements such as stone, wood, or brick

3. Consider your surroundings

Designing a lasting look for your exterior begins with observing your home’s setting and coordinating with your house’s existing elements. Choosing hues that work with your property’s environment ensures cohesion. 

4. Look for some of your favorite roofing colors in your neighborhood

Find houses in your neighborhood that have roofing hues that you love. Look for houses with a similar roof pitch, and you’ll see how the colors would look on your exterior. 

5. Don’t feel limited by your current roof color

When you’re planning to replace your roof, take the opportunity to branch out to improve and refresh your exterior’s looks with a new shingle color. 

6. Make a statement with style

Roofing shingles come in dimensional colors and range from bold and dynamic to subtle and traditional looking. Multicolored roof shingles add a design element to your home that sets it apart. If you want to add visual interest and depth, go with dimensional colors. 

7. Consider designer-colored roof shingles?

Architectural roof shingles in designer colors add a touch of class that you’ll enjoy for many years, and it’s worth the initial investment to match your distinct taste and express your style. 

8. Know the diversity of your options

Start your roof shingle color shopping from the convenience of your home by looking online at a wide variety of hues. Choose several favorites and ask your contractor for samples so you can see them up close. 

9. Understand how natural light changes things

Lean your favorite samples against your exterior to see them from a distance and get a feel for how the asphalt granule colors look next to your siding. View the samples outdoors at various times of the day because the natural light will make them look a little different throughout the day. 

10. Make your choice with confidence

Once you’ve done your due diligence to complete the steps above, you’ll have a solid sense of which color to choose for your roof replacement. Step out with certainty and inform your roofing contractor of your decision. Then sit back and enjoy the refreshing change of color and welcoming aesthetics you’ve designed. 

Elevate Your Home’s Appeal with a New Roof 

At Giant Siding & Windows, we offer versatile and timeless asphalt shingles or modern and elegant standing seam metal roofing. We specialize in installing high-performance GAF roofing products. Our factory-trained team ensures your roof is installed with precision and according to the manufacturer’s best practices, ensuring your GAF warranty remains intact.

Get the perfect roof replacement to complement your house’s architectural style and maximize your curb appeal with Giant Siding & Windows. Learn more about our roof replacement services today!