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Choosing a Superior Window

Choosing The Right Window For Your Home

Are you looking for a window replacement option for your home’s windows? We wrote this blog to help guide you through the key points you should consider when choosing a new window system for your home.

Marvin and Andersen replacement windows are both fantastic window brands and both give potential buyers a lot to consider. Both of these companies have been producing top-quality windows for two centuries now. You could say, they have perfected the craft. When deciding which window will best complement your home you generally want and need, the windows meet certain criteria.

Here are the key points to consider.

  • Energy-efficient; lower heating/cooling costs
  • Increases the value of your home; remember your home is an investment. Adding solid windows will increase the worth of your home.
  • Beauty and style windows should always compliment your home aesthetic (colors/environment) and blend in rather than stick out.

Window Style Options

We offer comprehensive window installation and window replacement services in Westchester NY.

westchester ny window replacement

Quality, modern windows add style, comfort, and cost savings to the homes they adorn. My father taught me great construction starts with great products and that is why I am proud to call Marvin Windows, GIANT’s window of choice.

Marvin windows offer Westchester County homeowners looking for a window replacement product, exactly what they need – an energy-efficient window with an unmatched combination of beauty and toughness.

Marvin Windows Westchester County NY

Marvin provides top-notch craftsmanship and can customize packages upon request.


Let’s look at Marvin’s different Window Lines:

Andersen Windows Westchester County NY

Choosing a Superior WindowAndersen has come out with an entire series of almost every type of window you could think of. With a wide range of glass, screens, hardware, etc. you can customize your windows to fit your home regardless of your expectations. No matter the look you are going for, Andersen probably has it. One thing is certain, if you can’t find it in their long list of examples, they can make it. They may be a little more costly, but the quality is well worth it.

Q) I want a low-maintenance window. Fiberglass or a composite blend, just something simple and basic but great quality; which window is best?

A) You should probably go with the Andersen 100 Series, it is affordable yet basic. Regardless, it is a strong dependable window choice.

Q) I am looking for options when it comes to style. I don’t want an ordinary window, I want something that compliments my home but without spending too much. Which should I select?

A) Marvin Essentials have a variety of styles to choose from and are more affordable than their Signature Modern. However, if you want to pay a little more for the added beauty and elegance The Marvin Elevate array is worth looking into.

Q) I am looking for a stylish wood window. Which company offers a wider selection to choose from?

A) Andersen offers more of a selection of wood frames, including; Cherry, Pine, Mahogany and Oak. Plus, they offer a variety of custom stain colors if you have something specific in mind. Marvin has a limited line to choose from but is definitely worth the time to consider. Andersen may have more wood options, but Marvin produces anything (stain and paint) you’d like, to match your color theme.

Q) Which window Line from both companies should I consider for a selection in style and beauty as a primary attribute?

A) Marvin Signature Ultimate and Andersen E and A-Series are going to hold a wealth of styles and beautification options for you.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Both Marvin and Aderson offer superior craftsmanship, 10-year warranties, and customizable packages for their clients. No matter which company you choose to go with, one thing is for sure; you are getting the best windows on the market. Your family deserves to be protected by strong and durable windows. Not to mention, the gorgeous selection they both have to choose from that will add class and style to any home. On my home, I have Marvin windows they are my number one window choice and I would be happy to show you why during a virtual or in-person meeting.

Why wait? Protect your home and add to its ever-fluctuating value. Remember GIANT Siding and Windows, has you covered! Let them take care of all of your window replacement and installation needs; no hassle, no hidden fees. Just excellent service and superior windows every time. Contact us today!