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Deciding On Window Options In Westchester County

Deciding On Window Options In Westchester County – Don’t let winter’s draft keep you wrapped in layers this year. Have you had a professional window replacement team come out and have a look at the condition of your home’s windows? It is generally best to do this before the situation is dire. Sometimes, all that’s required to really seal up those air leaks is new weather stripping. Our team window replacement team is here and happy to assist you in evaluate your windows and frames and determine if a window replacement is necessary.

Determining When It’s Necessary To Replace Windows

Window Options In Westchester CountyHere in Westchester County our home’s Windows withstand a great deal of abuse, particularly in the colder stormy months. Being a local company we know a thing or two about our Westchester County winters. If the casing or sash has been damaged by water, it may be time to consider replacing the entire window. Water damage left unchecked can seep into walls and or worse your home’s foundation. This happens more easily than you would think. We see a long freeze and thaw cycle and coupled with strong winds older windows simply break down.

If you do need new Windows or just a few new windows, I recommend doing some research. You have to consider: function, material, and design. For the homes I work on, I install Marvin Windows. Marvin offers the best selection and quality for window replacement I have found with any brand — and I really shopped around. My customers are my friends and when selecting brands for my company to carry I want to make sure I am selecting the best product for our environment at the best price.

Window Materials

When looking at replacement windows you will be looking to maintain and protect the integrity of your  home. Some older homes look best with wood window frames, especially if you’re only replacing one or two windows and want them to match the original frames. One option here is replacing the wood sash to remove a draft and maintain the classic detailing of the original style. Wood is typically your only option for an older home.

With new construction, you may choose clad-frame windows in either aluminum or vinyl shell. They’re attached with nailing flanges that fit underneath the siding material. There’s a range of quality in the aluminum category. Marvin, for instance, offers extruded aluminum, which is a continuous piece of metal that doesn’t contract or expand with changing temperatures. It’s lightweight, strong, and available in a variety of colors.

Vinyl clad is another alternative that’s versatile and cost effective. Vinyl is available in a variety of colors and requires less maintenance than wood. It doesn’t offer the same rich look as wood, but it’s still an effective insulator.

Selecting the Glass

When you’re considering glass in Westchester County, it’s recommended that you choose either a double or triple-pane glass. The sealed air space in between the glass provides extra insulation and also acts to reduce sound. Triple-pane windows are filled with argon and krypton gases. The initial outlay will cost you approximately 10 to 15% more than double-pane, but you will save about 3% on your monthly heating bills. There are many other glass considerations that our team at Giant Siding & Windows will be happy to discuss with you.
Whether you choose casement, double-hung, sliding, or bay windows, Giant Siding & Windows is the team to call for a free consultation and estimate. We pride ourselves on providing you with top-notch service from our in-house staff.

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