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Fiber Cement Siding: What It Is And Why It’s A Westchester Homeowner Favorite

westchester county ny james hardie sidingIn the 30 years, we’ve been installing siding, one thing’s been consistent. Customers want quality. We always ensure our customers get a product that meets their needs and provides real, long-term benefits. Often times, fiber cement siding is that product.

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding is an exterior material option for homes and buildings generally made of portland cement, sand or fly ash, cellulose fibers, and water.

Why Is It Preferred By So Many Westchester Homeowners?

Fiber cement siding has benefits that make it perfect for many customers’ needs. Some benefits include:

  • Longevity– Defect warranties start at 25 years and for the finish, it’s 15 years.
  • Exposure Resistance– It withstands winds of 130 mph, freezing temperatures, and isn’t affected by water, heat, or even direct flames.
  • Pest Resistance– Woodpeckers, rats, termites, mold, and other pests can’t feed on fiber cement.
  • Aesthetic Versatility– It comes in an extensive range of styles, textures, colors, and shapes.
  • Price– It costs the same or less than most products while having advantages over them all.

What James Hardie Fiber Cement is Not

While it outperforms other options, inaccuracies can have a negative impact on its reputation.

Misconception #1: It’s Eternal

While both the siding and finish last exceptionally long, nothing remains perfect forever. It’s resistant to most forces, not impervious to them, so over time, it will degrade, just much more slowly.

Misconception #2: It’s Maintenance-Free

It needs much less maintenance than traditional materials but still requires some, including repainting, just half as frequently.

Misconception #3: It Contains Asbestos

While past products did, fiber cement siding was meant to phase them out, which it did. 

Why Choose GIANT Siding & Windows?

Simply hiring a guy off of the James Hardie website does not guarantee you get a properly installed product covered under James Hardie’s warranty.

westchester ny siding company As an elite preferred installer, the onus is on ME and the GIANT TEAM install your siding according to a strict protocol and following all best practices laid out by James Hardie. It is our commitment to these protocols and best practices and our passion for being the best James Hardie installers in the Market that allow us to GUARANTEE your siding will meet all warranty specifications.  

When you qualify for the James Hardie Warranty you have 30 years on all materials and 100% coverage of any labor. Allowing you to sleep at night with 100% peace of mind that your investment was a safe and good one.

GIANT had its start 3 decades ago when my father and grandfather sold aluminum siding door-to-door throughout Westchester County.

Throughout our decades in business we’ve always made customer service and craftsmanship our focus. If you choose us, your needs will be our first priority.

Also, GIANT Siding And Windows is Westchester County’s only James Hardie siding Elite Preferred contractor. Giant offers the entire James Hardie Siding collection.

Each one of my teams has been installing roofs, siding, and windows for me for over ten years.

The highly skilled expertise of my team and GIANT Siding and Window’s dedication to excellence in all we do means you can trust us to deliver unparalleled service with unbeatable quality products.

My greatest business pleasure is knowing that my company will install every window, each layer of roofing, each panel of siding to the highest standard possible that’s why we do what we do! Feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions.