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Soffits are key construction elements—they cover the underside of your roof eaves and exterior porch ceilings. James Hardie offers them in both smooth and vented profiles to meet aesthetic needs as well as code requirements.

HardieSoffit® Panels HardieTrim®

Trim is that final touch that completes your home’s design.

Accentuate corners, columns, fascia, doors, windows, and more with HardieTrim® boards.

Whether your house is a classic Colonial, intricate Victorian, or Craftsman, James Hardie siding offers a diverse and detailed collection of siding options that will help you create a historically accurate, architecturally correct, and flat-out gorgeous home.

First off, what is a soffit?

A soffit is the part of the overhang where your roof meets your siding. Your soffits are underneath the overhanging area, between the roof’s edge and side of your home.
Fascia and soffits are vital components to your home’s roofing, siding and ventilation systems.
Like many parts of a home’s exterior, soffit serves both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Functionally, the primary mission of your soffits is to protect rafters from the elements, keeping moisture away from the rafters of your home and limiting the chance of mold growth.

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As James Hardie Alliance Contractors we work closely with James Hardie, to ensure the product is installed properly ensuring our customers get the best siding warranty in the business. We are dedicated to delivering each of our clients with an experience and an end product that will last a lifetime.

I give each of our customers my personal cell phone number and proudly stand behind my product and the work of my teams.