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HardieTrim® Boards

Trim is that final touch that completes your home’s design. Accentuate corners, columns, fascia, doors, windows, and more with HardieTrim® boards.

House Soffit PanelsChoosing the right siding for your home is one thing – but if the art is in the finish and when it comes to siding and windows that’s the trim work!

When planning a new siding replacement project, homeowners rarely consider trim and finish details; there are already many decisions in the mix, and trim is often not top of mind. 

As a craftsman, I know trim makes or breaks a project, so I am always quick to bring trim and finish into early pre-planning conversations with my clients.

For your Westchester County home’s replacement siding project, a lot of factors are at play. You might be thinking about color, style and even weighing material options – natural wood, fiber cement vs. vinyl but have you thought about the other siding system components?

HardieTrim® BoardsFiber cement siding – like the popular James Hardie siding we install on homes here in Westchester has quickly become the dominant option for homeowners. Fiber cement is an excellent choice for nearly every home style. 

Fiber cement siding allows homeowners to go where ever their creativity and vision take them. Using James Hardie Fiber cement keeps every trim option, customized trim product on the table for your home’s finish work. Very few siding products can allow this much flexibility; we can mimic many authentic details you never could with vinyl, especially around windows, doors, and corners.

At GIANT Siding and Windows, we pride ourselves on being the most exceptional exterior remodeling team in the area. We’re proud to be a family-owned and operated company, known as the go-to Westchester Siding, Contractor.


What Is HardiePlank Home Siding?

HardiePlank siding is a perfect mix of cellulose fibers and cement-based materials.

Why James Hardie Siding?

For area homeowners looking into options for the re-siding of their home, we know there is a lot to think about and lots of options. But we have done our homework and chose James Hardie Siding as our siding material of choice after taking a long hard look at our area, our industry, and the direction of the market.

Your home’s siding has two jobs: Most importantly, your siding system protects your home from the sometimes harsh and ever-changing climatic conditions, and of course, your siding affects the look and feel of your home. New siding will transform your entire house, adding value and return on your investment.

westchester ny james hardie siding projectWhy GIANT Siding & Windows?

✔ We are a local family business with our thumb on the pulse of the industry.

Nationally recognized, We have won awards from both James Hardie and Marvin Windows.

✔ We provide a dedicated project manager, in-office administrator, and project foreman on every job.

✔ GIANT guarantees 100% warranty compliance on all of our Roofing Siding and WIndow installs, giving homeowners peace of mind that their investment is a safe and smart one.

GIANT Siding and Windows is home to a team of dedicated, professional, siding installers. Most of our crew has been with me for over ten years.

james hardie contractor westchester ny

As James Hardie Alliance Contractors we work closely with James Hardie, to ensure the product is installed properly ensuring our customers get the best siding warranty in the business. We are dedicated to delivering each of our clients with an experience and an end product that will last a lifetime.

I give each of our customers my personal cell phone number and proudly stand behind my product and the work of my teams.