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Home Siding Trends in Westchester for 2021

westchester ny Board and Batten SidingTrends, Traditional and Transitional

After sitting in our homes for the better part of the last year, many area homeowners are taking a critical eye on their homes’ decor. 

While sometimes even small accent changes feel significant, no one can argue that big changes like a home siding and trim update will have an enormous if not revolutionary impact on your home’s look, feel, and overall vibe. 

Here at GIANT Siding and Windows, we know big and small changes have their place in the Westchester exterior home improvement market. While smaller changes like window and trim updates can and do make a big difference to a house’s appearance, we can’t help but want to turn our attention to the bigger exterior home improvement trends. The trends that will shape our area’s look for years to come.

Exterior Home Improvement Trends 2021

Board and batten siding

People have been using board and batten siding for over 200 years, and it’s getting trendy again. It involves vertical planks (boards) joined with narrow vertical strips (battens), giving your home a classic look that evokes Americana. 


Adding personalized touches to your house that are meaningful to you not only makes your home feel unique but turns a house into a home.

On a recent siding job, we created a full custom cedar front porch. It really tied the entryway together with the new siding and the homeowner was thrilled with the outcome. When my team can we like to get to know our customers so we can help make suggestions for practical customization that will help make the home a better fit for how it is being lived in currently.

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Elemental colors

With the upheaval of 2020, it is unsurprising that people are using calming, stable colors like the ones found in nature to paint the exterior of their homes. Some are even choosing darker stone colors for their siding as a soothing addition to their house.

James Hardie’s Statement collection offers rich earthy tones and dark stabilizing color pallets to meet the needs of our changing aesthetic tastes.  Black siding is not just for windswept beachfront stunners. Black, grays, and dark colors are now popping up across Westchester, and just like the black window frames that came before them, the darker, stronger siding looks great.

Boothbay Blue, Pearl Gray, and black paired with natural wood tones can look like untreated cedar. So clean, dramatic, and elegant are these darker home’s that when you see one, you can’t help but stare.

– Natural light: With people often working and sleeping at home, allowing natural light to enter your home feels like a visit from the outside. Getting Marvin windows or a new replacement door can help let the light in and brighten up your home’s living space. Check out the door replacements and windows we carry! We have installed glass bi-folds under decks to join basements without door living spaces and have seen garage doors used to do the same much as large restaurants have done in the city for years. 

– Dark & BOLD: In 2021, people are reversing the older trend of white siding and dark interior paints with darker exteriors and lighter interiors.

In Westchester, people are switching to black siding after years of white and gray. We love the way these bold colors look on area homes, we all always talk about Westchester’s magnificent four seasons. Nothing makes the greens of summer pop, the colors of fall stand out and the wonderful white snow of winter dazzle like a nice dark frame. 

– Transitional styles: Using a transitional style means you are blending classic architecture (such as board and batten) with a sleek modern design. Dark colors look great and are a natural accent to interior transitional design elements that utilize a pallet of grays frequently.  

– Blending form and function: It’s not just enough for designs to be aesthetically pleasing. People are also looking for durable, hardy materials that will last, and when it comes to siding nothing lasts like James Hardie Fiber cement siding. 

How we can help:

GIANT Siding & Windows is a family-owned, operated company, and we have been serving Westchester County long enough to have a unique perspective on the needs of homeowners. We offer a free no-obligation Zoom call to review options, trends, and your home. If you’re interested in a free online consultation about home design contact us for more information and to schedule some time to talk.