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Quality Matters

I take great pride in what I do, so nothing makes me more frustrated than catching sight of Westchester County homeowners being sold a bogus deal from perhaps well-meaning but not fully-trained siding companies.

I am a firm believer that ignorance is not a defense. That’s the standard I hold myself to, as well as my crews (and even my kids).

Shoddy Workmanship Voids Warranties

So imagine my disappointment the other day, when I am driving through our beautiful town and what do I see? A subpar James Hardie siding installation in full swing. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, this job is not being called ‘subpar’ simply because it’s not a GIANT Siding and Windows job! I respect and admire the craft of other teams all the time.

This job was subpar for real brass-tacks reasons. It was clear as day and depressing. I know everyone in Westchester and Fairfield works hard for the places we call home.

I believe you deserve the best quality siding your budget allows! If you’ve never hired a Westchester County contractor before, you may not know some common mistakes homeowners make when choosing a company.

Siding Companies in Westchester Taking Homeowners for a Ride

For example, on the siding project by another siding company I saw the other day, there were several glaring factors that I could spot from 20 feet that would have voided the customer’s James Hardie warranty should they ever need to rely on it.

First, the installer was using a fan fold insulation material made by Alside = immediate warranty void.

  • This product, although affordable, is not warranty-compliant with James Hardie siding.
  • James Hardie siding requires rigid insulation, like polystyrene.

Second, the corner boards of the project aren’t fiber cement, they’re vinyl siding corners = immediate warranty void.

  • Third, none of the required clearance over trim and roof lines is being followed = immediate warranty void.

Don’t let your siding contractor void your warranty before your siding is even up!

Why would this contractor cut corners and put the homeowner out on James Hardie’s warranty?

Simple, they are able to beat the market price by literally slashing the quality. They are not James Hardie installers and the job they are completing is not James Hardie compliant.

James Hardie offers a great warranty, which is a big selling point for homeowners choosing a siding. But not everyone delivers a job that is compliant.When things are too good to be true, they often are. In the long run, this homeowner could end up paying to have their house sided again.

Quality Can’t be Compromised

Giant Westchester James Hardie
This is a Giant James Hardie Install – you can see the difference!

A professional install team will use proper scaffolding. In addition, because James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractors (like us!) have been trained on the exact warranty compliance customers need, we can ensure your job will be fully compliant.

We know that price shopping can be a race to the bottom. But are you factoring in highly skilled labor, organized and competent administration, proper insurance, and systems for follow-up or future service?

These qualifications all add to the overhead. When you choose the cheapest price, chances are you’re sacrificing the quality of those elements and possibly cutting key components of products, severely compromising the quality of the install and the quality of your overall siding system.

We get asked often, what can a customer do to make sure they select a quality contractor while still staying within budget? First off, be honest and realistic with your budget. Check the credentials and certifications of any kind of partnership with major manufacturers. We highly recommend reaching out to neighbors and friends to ask for specific referrals.

When trying to calculate a realistic budget (which we admit is no easy feat), the best thing you can do is reach out to the true leaders in your market. There will be only two or three. Get prices from the well-known and recognized installers in your area first. From there you get a true sense of the required investment, and only then can the decision of affordability be realistic. Most leaders in the industry will offer some type of financing, so that can be explored as well.

Invest in Hardie – Invest in your Home

When you’re investing in James Hardie siding through GIANT, you’re paying for a lot more than just siding. You’re paying for a warranty and promise that your siding will last. Don’t waste your time and money with a company who will void your warranty! GIANT Siding and Windows personal warranty is 5 years, and James Hardie offers 30 years on their products and will cover all labor with product replacement. That’s worth the research.