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GIANT Siding and Windows is home to a team of dedicated professional siding installation specialists who after ten years with my company are familiar faces within the community and to our customers. Our siding team only focuses on siding. It’s what we do, and we do it best. The installation of your home’s siding will be done by a highly specialized, factory trained and certified team of siding installation pros, local to Westchester County.

Giant offers the entire James Hardie Siding collection including: Hardie Plank® Lap Siding, Hardie Shingle® Siding, Hardie Panel® Vertical Siding, Hardie Trim® Boards, Hardie Soffit® Panels and more. Click here to learn more about our James Hardie Siding.

Together, we will find a functional style and look for your home’s need.

Our Siding has the highest value on the market, with its beautiful appearance, unmatched durability, safety and quality.

The heavy gauge of our Siding gives a straight and clean finish, which hangs like real wood. Our Siding’s provides the look of “real wood” better than any other product on the market, with none of the tedious and costly protocols required to replace and maintain real wood siding. Learn, Why James Hardie siding is right for your home.

As Westchester County’s exterior home siding team of choice, GIANT Siding and Windows is here to help guide you through your home’s exterior renovation and improvement from start to finish. We install a full range of siding materials including wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiber-cement. The siding material market is a busy one–brands, material, styles, colors, gauges and your personal budget should all be reviewed and factored in to the process.

I often get asked which siding I have on my own home: the answer for me is James Hardie siding. Why? James Hardie offers a great product! It looks like wood, it goes on like wood and even cuts like wood. This siding material looks beautiful and protects homes better for longer. James Hardie siding is made in the USA, it’s termite-proof and wears better than vinyl all around. It comes in many distinct styles each deliver: durability, design and a low maintenance care plan to the table.