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Popular Dark Exterior Colors

Here are three reasons why we think this trend will have real staying power.

Deciding what materials and colors to use for the siding of your home is a considerable choice.

While most of us think of using lighter, softer colors on our home’s exterior, bold, dark colors are becoming more popular in Westchester and across the nation, coast-to-coast.

Here are three reasons why we think dark exterior colors are making a lasting resurgence.

The Darker Colors are Easy To Maintain

dark siding colors-KHAKI BROWN

One reason why dark exterior colors are so popular today may surprise you. Quite simply, they are possible. Dark siding can now be achieved with fiber cement, a modern material that is good-looking, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Fiber cement is popular in dark grays, blues, and blacks, transforming classic homes into modern stunners.

In addition, fiber cement has grown in popularity as a natural wood substitute. It requires very little maintenance and looks better for longer than most other siding options out there.

Fiber cement in any color is resistant to fading. In contrast, wood siding or vinyl can’t hold color for as long as fiber cement can.

In Westchester, wood panel siding or even cedar shakes used to be used on homes looking for a lasting dark exterior option. However, wood siding comes with drawbacks; it is much more challenging to maintain, more costly, and honestly more complicated.

Dark siding – Sets A Home Apart.


Another reason why dark exterior colors are making a resurgence is that they set homes apart from all the houses surrounding them.

Homeowners who choose to go with a dark, bold color love the idea of having a home that is bold, beautiful, unique, and looks great. We see homes get new siding every week; the transformation is always pleasing, but when you meet a homeowner ready to try something different, the results are often much more exciting and dramatic. It also attracts others to dark-colored exteriors because they see just how amazing it can look.

Take the modern farmhouse, for example, a long-term staple here in Westchester and Fairfield County. For years everyone wanted to make their modern farmhouse white, wrap it in a board and batten siding, add a nice big porch with columns, maybe some fans; rocking chairs, you know the kind of house, and then add large black windows.

Today homeowners are putting a new spin on the classic modern farmhouses by wrapping them in dark or black exteriors. This look is very popular here in Westchester and Southern Fairfield as more homeowners opt for the bolder look on their homes. Iron Gray is a popular choice, as is Black Ash, Black Water, and Jet Black’s pop.

Popular Dark Exterior Colors

Popular Dark Exterior Colors

Historical Architectural Traditions With Dark Exteriors.

Lastly, dark exteriors are becoming more popular because there are a lot of deep architectural traditions within them.

At first, darker colors were used to help fireproof or waterproof an exterior, which is when these darker colors first emerged. However, as more and more people saw it, they grew to love it and wanted to recreate this look even when fireproofing and waterproofing didn’t require it.

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