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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Will – Beautify + Protect your Home!

The beauty and durability of a home clad in solid James Hardie siding installed by a certified specialist, a James Hardie partner are irresistible. Upgrading your home to the latest and most innovative James Hardie siding Westchester comes with these unique benefits: 

  1. Superior climate adaptability — James Hardie siding products have the performance and durability qualities relative to the Westchester, New York climate. The HZ5® products are engineered with the ever-changing temperatures we see here in Westchester in mind. The product is moisture-resistant, paint-adhesive, and packs a drip edge to stand the rapid freeze-thaw cycle of Westchester’s long winter season. 
  1. Value for money — the James Hardie siding over-delivers both quality and durability compared to wood. Its ZONE 5 product line is resistant to pests and has a solid resistance to buckling, swelling, and cracking. Having it installed is a sure way to get value for your dollar.

  2. Less maintenance work—James Hardie siding guarantees high value with low maintenance. It’s baked on the highly innovative ColorPlus® technology offers superior resistance to cracking, fading, and chipping. So you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance and care.

  3. Lower insurance — the James Hardie fiber cement siding is damage resistant and non-combustible. In many cases, this translates to a lower perceived risk to the insurance companies and can often lower home insurance premiums.

Which James Hardie Siding Is Best for Your Home? 

There are three main types of James Hardie siding. The HardiePlank lap siding type is the best-selling choice among Westchester homeowners. Engineered to give homes a timeless look, these siding types come in smooth or select Cedarmill textures and are available in grey, pastel, classic light, earth toning, blue, green, and dark colors. 

The HardieShingle siding type is the ultimate alternative to wood siding. The siding comes in half-round, straight edge, and staggered edge shapes, all of which give

retreat-style and rustic looks. HardiePanel vertical siding is the last choice and comes in sierra 8, select Cedarmill, stucco, and smooth textures. 

What kind of James Hardie Siding Contractor should you Hire here in Westchester Installation

We think you should always hire the most qualified and reputable service provider to complete work on your home. If you’re looking for a certified and credible James Hardie siding contractor in Westchester, New York, you can always contact us for premium and affordable services. Call us today for new siding installation, replacement, and even reinstallation.