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Siding Fairfield Connecticut – Once working with GIANT Siding and Windows, your siding project will be executed using only the finest siding products on the market.

Siding Fairfield Connecticut
James Hardie-Fiber Cement Siding Projects

At GIANT Siding and Windows, we pride ourselves on being the finest exterior remodeling team in the area.

We offer siding solutions to meet our customer’s individual needs, taking the time to learn about their home, community and personal style preferences. Look to GIANT for complete siding design and installation of vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and wood. We install only the finest siding material, using well known, well respected and time-tested siding brands.


Call Today for a free estimate on your Fairfield County home’s siding project. I will work with you directly to help you choose the right type of siding for your home, community and personal budget. I can say with complete confidence that when you work with GIANT on your home siding project, you will get the best siding for your home, no matter what your style may be.

At GIANT we provide factory-certified installation of the three most popular siding types in our area: vinyl siding (the most popular), fiber cement siding (in my opinion, the best siding material on the market) and wood siding. Each siding type brings with it unique benefits and a distinct aesthetic. When choosing the right siding for your home, we will go through each option with you to make sure you get the right siding for your home. I have made my career in the siding industry and have the understanding needed to help you make the right choice for your home.



Vinyl Siding Fairfield ConnecticutVinyl siding is always going to be a popular product, and for good reason. We work with Royal® brand vinyl siding because of its superior quality. Royal vinyl siding is made to stand up to hurricane-force winds, remain low-maintenance year after year, and even comes with an industry-leading double lifetime warranty to boot.

With a solid color palette to choose from and styles like Haven® Insulation Siding (made to look like real wood) and Woodland (built with an industry-leading heavy gauge), vinyl siding by Royal is a practical choice for many homeowners.


Fiber Cement Siding Fairfield ConnecticutAre you searching for a better looking, better performing siding material? At GIANT, we have come to rely on James Hardie fiber cement siding products because they give homeowners many things that vinyl can’t.

Fiber cement looks more like wood than vinyl, is easier to clean, and is extremely durable. During installation, Fiber- Cement siding projects benefit from quick-effect customization because fiber cement siding even cuts like real wood. Fiber cement makes for a faster installation, which ensures your home is done on-time and with less exposure to the elements.

It’s also the safest material on the market with fire-retardant elements that guard against house fires, but the benefits don’t stop there.

No pests are ever getting into your fiber cement siding, and it will never fade in sunlight, age after a winter of heavy snow or get beat up as the seasons change and years rollover. Here’s an interesting fact; if you ever get tired of your home’s color, you can paint it, just as you would paint wood siding. No wonder more than 15% of homes are clad in the stuff—my own home among them. Fiber cement brings you all the benefits of wood, vinyl and stone put together with virtually no drawbacks.


Wood Siding Fairfield ConnecticutWood siding offers a certain charm you can’t find in synthetic products; they just can’t compete on an up close visual level. If you’re looking for organic warmth and a rustic feel, we can help you choose the right kind of wood siding for your home, and we can also help protect it against snow, wind, rain, and sun damage. Real wood is a great option if you’d like to keep your home true to its original look and appearance.

As I have mentioned, every type of siding has benefits and each has drawbacks. Are you considering wood siding? Give me a call, and together we determine if it is the right siding material for your home, community, and budget.

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