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marvinReplacing your windows can have a drastic effect on the look and energy efficiency of your home. You may not think that it is the most exciting process but you will no doubt love the results. We can help you to streamline the entire process and help make the experience as easy as possible. 

Westchester County Window Replacement

Step I. Evaluate Your Existing Windows 

Some issues with your windows do not cause concern and are a pretty easy fix. These issues do not prevent your windows and doors from doing their job. 


Marvin Windows can help to address the issue of condensation. Condensation is moisture that develops on windows. You may see it as water droplets or frost in colder weather. Condensation is actually a sign that your windows are doing what they are supposed to do.

If the condensation bothers you there are some simple ways to reduce its buildup. 

     1. Maintain good airflow

     2. Monitor home humidity levels

     3. Keep window shades and treatments open during the day

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Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage comes from normal wear and tear. As time goes on paint will chip, hardware will tarnish, and dirt will accumulate. All of these can be prevented or fixed by routine maintenance. 

Step II. Know When Something Needs Your Attention

Some issues require attention and typically require replacement. When your windows or doors are difficult to operate normally (open, close, etc.) you should take a look at them and evaluate their overall condition. Many times these issues can be remedied by a small adjustment or deep hardware cleaning. However, these issues can indicate that your windows and doors may be close to the end of their lives. 

 The replacement may be necessary if the problems cause a safety issue or may lead to further, home, and structural damage. 

What is Next?

If you need help evaluating your current windows, or you have already decided that replacement is necessary, you should contact experts to help you select the right windows for your home. GIANT Siding and Windows has served Westchester County, New York for three generations.  

Contact us and let us help you through the window replacement process. Our experts are trained to install and maintain Marvin Windows. We would love to show you what Marvin Windows can do for your home and why we are Westchester County’s #1 window contractor