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GIANT Siding and Windows wholeheartedly believes, that there are no fast and simple design rules when it comes to your Westchester home. When you’re considering replacing your windows, remodeling your home, or building a new home, think differently, push the boundaries of what is deemed “acceptable” and experiment with new colors.

Make Your Windows Stand Out

Most windows try to blend in, trying to make you forget they’re even there. What about changing that? What about featuring your windows the way you feature picture frames?

You may think windows need to blend in with a monochromatic scheme, but choosing contrasting colors may surprise you. Try black sashing or casing to really draw attention to windows or large, sliding doors.

With industrial chic coming back into fashion, having clean lines and darker window sashes look modern and will frame your view in a brand new way. It’s a modern take on a classic style and adds a hint of traditional chic to any room.

The easiest way to explain a window sash is to think of it as the grid part of the window that houses the glass, but also part of the window that moves with the glass. The casing is the trim that frames the window opening. Changing the color of the sash and casing to black in a white room is a bold design choice that makes your space instantly unique.

Marvin can manufacture windows with contrasting sashing and casing or you can choose to paint your windows later. Talk to us about both options and which one may suit your style better.

Transform Your Home with New Marvin Windows

Our team at GIANT Siding & Windows loves Marvin windows because they’re large and look classic in contrasting colors. Martin windows are high quality, well insulated, and long-lasting. They can be large and grand and seamless or they can be contrasting and chic. You’d be surprised how easily they can transform a room in your Westchester County home.

We love how windows are finally getting their due, becoming more of a design element in homes and we’re passionate about discussing your options with you. Contact us today to continue this conversation!