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GIANT Siding and Windows believes wholeheartedly in providing you with the very best products on the market today for your Westchester home. That’s why we love Marvin windows, especially when we get to work with homeowners to put in special windows, like awning, bay or bow. All three traditional styles can be updated for modern or classically designed homes.

Awning windows feature window sash attached to the frame by one or more hinges. Awning-style windows are hinged on the top of the frame and swing outward. They may be most common at the top of windows, but lately, we’ve seen a surge in putting them lower toward the ground, under larger windows, to let in cooler air.

Bay windows are made up of multiple windows in a row, traditionally a larger picture window flanked on either side by smaller windows at an angle. Bay windows classically create a small nook, open up a wall for a better view or simply add an interesting element to a room.

Bow windows are similar to bay windows but instead of a harsh angle, they have a gentle curve, a subtler appeal than a bay window.

We love the styles of awning, bay and bow windows by Marvin because they’re high quality, great products, and they add a special flair to your window replacement or home remodel. You can’t go wrong with any style you choose (or go with all three!).

Give us a call today to talk more about whether Marvin awning, bay or bow windows could work in your new window replacement or home remodel!