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Blue James Hardie Siding installed on Westchester County home

Transforming your home into an eco-friendly haven is more than a 21st century trend—it’s a way of life. When it comes to upgrading your home, selecting the best materials for your home renovations plays a big role in that. If you are ready to embark on a mission to modify your home into a green-friendly environment, then you are in the right place! Get started by choosing quality, safe siding replacement options that have lasting protection for your home and the world around you.

Read on to see how you can do your part in contributing toward a clean world while creating the non-toxic home of your dreams. 

What Makes Siding Eco-Friendly? 

Going for a sustainable finish is not always as straightforward as it may seem, which is why it is important to know everything that going green stands for. While the supplies are an important characteristic in determining eco-friendliness, it is not the only one! Here are a few additional factors that will guide your selection process:

  • Material– When selecting your material, you are going to want to look for that certified recyclable green stamp. Kickstart your research process and find out if the material is toxic or biodegradable. The best resources to use are renewable. 
  • Efficiency– One of the perks of energy efficiency is that it helps you in the long run. Opt for the siding that not only looks pretty, but will keep your home warm at a significantly lower cost, which reduces both your carbon footprint and your bills. Truly the best of both worlds! 
  • Source– Selecting locally sourced materials is an excellent way to maintain sustainable practices. This significantly reduces the amount of transportation fuel that otherwise would release unnecessary toxic emissions into the environment, which cuts down on that all too nasty carbon footprint! 
  • Recyclability– Where is the material going when you are done with it? Is it going to sit in a landfill and rot with other toxic materials, or is it a salvageable substance that can be used to build other beautiful things around the world? Using siding that can be repurposed is a great way to help the environment stay clean.  

Eco-Friendly Siding Options


Wood has been around for years and makes a great choice due to its natural quality. This biodegradable option is considered to be a very eco-friendly choice. However, the downside with wood harvesting is that it can be detrimental to forest life. If you decide to pursue this natural option, then consider using reclaimed wood. It is important to note that although wood provides an earthy touch, it does require significant maintenance and may not last as long as other durable options. 


The strong and resilient alternative, known for its longevity. Its resistance to the elements makes it built for durability. It requires intense levels of production that operate in high temperatures, which can raise concerns for the environment. Even though brick is not biodegradable, it can be recycled and used for other reconstruction purposes. The downside to this resource is the installation process.


Forged by nature itself, stucco is definitely environmentally friendly siding. Its all-natural ingredients include a concoction of water, sand, and cement. Another benefit of stucco is that it has a variety of structural styles. However, stucco is more prone to damage and can only thrive in warm and dry climates, which doesn’t exactly work for New York. It is not easily recycled and can be difficult to deconstruct. 

Fiber Cement 

Fiber cement is also made from organic ingredients sourced from nature such as wood pulp, sand, and cement. Fiber cement is a contemporary sustainable solution that is resilient to the elements and is relatively low maintenance. This substance is better for the environment and humans as it does not emit toxic fumes, unlike other materials, when exposed to extreme heat. The strength of fiber cement protects your home like no other material and looks good while doing it. Luckily, this choice comes with a large selection of styles and colors that will suit your design preference. 

Ready to Go Green?  

From the organic themes of wood to the modern fiber cement, there is an environmentally friendly option waiting for you! If you are looking for the perfect fit that will uphold your commitment to sustainability and achieve your dream aesthetic, then consider partnering with our team in creating your dream house. Explore our options with our fiber cement siding solutions and let us help you in your journey toward an eco-friendly home.