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As a homeowner in Westchester County, you understand that the exterior of your home goes beyond the aesthetics. Your siding is a shield against the elements and anything else that is going to cause damage to your home. Wear and tear on your home is inevitable, but what exactly is causing your siding to crack? Read on to discover why this may be happening to your home, and what you can do to fix it. 

Low-Quality Installation 

It is possible that subpar placement might be the cause of any damages your home has. The durability of your siding can be determined by how well it was installed. When siding is improperly placed, it can cause the rippling effects of warping and rotting over time.  

If the boards are secured in an unreasonably tight manner, then it is possible that cracks may appear. Another source of cracking can be caused by low-caliber materials, which are susceptible to accelerated deterioration. When contractors use materials that are incompatible with your home siding, it can create a whole strand of costly issues that could have been prevented. 

Extreme Weather 

The New York climate experiences a myriad of challenges year-round, ranging from snowy, cold winters to hot and humid summers. As time goes on, you may begin to notice unwanted deformities on your siding. Warping is caused when moisture freezes and then melts, causing the siding to expand and contract. This recurring cycle is the source of most damages that are done to your home. Throughout the severe summer months, your siding is directly impacted by extreme sunlight, which may cause the siding materials to crack. Durable materials that resist the elements are absolutely crucial when you are looking to get your siding replaced.  

Excessive Moisture

A common reason behind excessive siding impairments is moisture. Additional rot can occur when water seeps behind the siding and gets trapped, which causes the strength of your siding to dwindle. Condensation can be a result of heavy rain or humidity levels. When siding materials are not waterproof or if they are incorrectly installed, it will make your siding prone to extreme warping and buckling. 

Normal Wear and Tear 

Similar to other elements of your home, your siding has its own natural lifespan. Over time as it ages, it becomes more vulnerable to deterioration. In addition to exposure to the elements, the unavoidable wear and tear of the environment on your siding can diminish its durability. 

How to Address the Problem   

No matter how cooperative the weather is or how well siding is installed, eventually it will need replacement. Intense weather, natural wear and tear, and low-quality installation are a recipe for a siding replacement. While these issues can be concerning, understanding the reasons behind the warping can direct you in selecting a lasting solution for new siding. 

Transform Your Home with Quality Siding and Expert Installation

Cracked siding means you either need costly repairs or siding replacement to properly protect your home from the elements. The good news is that James Hardie fiber cement siding is engineered to withstand extreme climates and endure the test of time. If you are ready to upgrade the exterior of your house in a way that will not only enhance its strength but also its aesthetics, then installing James Hardie siding is an excellent option. 

At Giant Siding & Windows, we are the only Elite Preferred Contractor in our area for James Hardie siding and are equipped to professionally upgrade your home. If you are interested in beginning your siding replacement process, contact us today and let us guide you in your home improvement journey.