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What are Picture Specialty Shape Windows?

Picture Windows Westchester NY – Windows that are not in the shape of a rectangle or square are considered picture specialty shape windows. Picture specialty shape windows are available in hundreds of geometric shapes and provide virtually unlimited design possibilities.

Most custom-built picture specialty shape windows have a fixed sash, meaning they don’t open, and many are found near to or combined with operating windows. Marvin offers operating sashes in shapes like triangles, trapezoids, octagons, and circles.

Picture Windows Westchester NY

Picture Windows, Westchester NY

Picture windows invite in expansive views and an abundance of warm, natural light creating the effect of framing outdoor scenery like a picture frame.

Picture Windows Westcheser NY

Picture Specialty Shape windows are available in hundreds of different geometric shapes, customized for your project for a perfect fit every time.


Picture Windows Types 1

Picture Windows Types 3

Picture Windows Types 2

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