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Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows – A single-hung window is virtually indistinguishable from a double-hung window. Both have an upper and lower sash, and just like a double-hung, a single hung window is easy to operate and provides a traditional aesthetic.

The primary difference is that the top sash does not operate on a single hung window, while both sashes operate on a double-hung.

A single hung window could be an ideal choice in areas where a top sash would be hard to reach. Because the top sashed is locked in place, single-hung windows prevent more air infiltration and are more energy-efficient.

Also, single-hung windows can be less expensive than double-hung windows.

Single Hung Windows




A contemporary classic, the Marvin Signature® Ultimate Single Hung G2 window blends traditional beauty and state-of-the-art performance. With the top sash stationary and the bottom sash operable, a single hung style is often preferred in a cottage-style window with a small top sash that doesn’t need to open.

  • Customize your design with round top styles or optional Lift Lock, Marvin’s exclusive bottom rail locking mechanism for easier operation in hard-to-reach areas.

Ultimate Single Hung

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