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Marvin Essential™ Specialty Shape Windows

Specialty Shape Windows Westchester NYWESTCHESTER NY – Marvin Essential™ Specialty Shape windows offer the ultimate in design freedom, with eight unique shapes available from triangles to pentagons and more. Use Essential Specialty Shape windows as sidelights and transoms, or combine them to create a wall of fixed windows.

Thanks to the strength and durability of fiberglass to the interior and exterior, Essential Specialty Shape windows can be ordered as large as 49 square feet for maximum sunlight paired with maximum performance.

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Westchester NY Specialty Shape Windows

What are Picture Specialty Shape Windows?

Windows that are not in the shape of a rectangle or square are considered picture specialty shape windows.These windows are available in hundreds of geometric shapes and provide virtually unlimited design possibilities. Most custom-built picture specialty shape windows have a fixed sash, meaning they don’t open, and many are found near to or combined with operating windows. Marvin offers operating sashes in shapes like triangles, trapezoids, octagons, and circles.

Call Today for a free estimate on your Westchester home’s Specialty Shape Windows. I will work with you directly to help you choose the right type of Specialty Shape Windows and budget. I can say with complete confidence that when you work with GIANT, you will get the best Specialty Shape Windows for your home, no matter what your style may be.

Features of the Essential Specialty Shapes Window
  • Available in sizes as large as 49 square feet, with the longest leg being 9 feet
  • Eight shapes including rectangles, triangles, pentagons and octagons
  • Durable and low-maintenance material to the interior and exterior
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